Choose from a variety of tutorails with these learning subjects:

Learning + Memorizing

1. Learning – An Introduction
Receive basics and advanced information on the topic of learning theories and why children sometimes don’t like to learn.
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2. Learning Numbers: 0-19
Learn the numbers from 0 to 19 easily!
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3. Learning Numbers: 20-59
Learn the numbers from 20 to 59. It’s fun!
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Mathematics Basics

10. Times Tables: Row 1, 10, 2, 9
Reviewing rows 1, 10, and 2, learn a magic trick for row 9!
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11. Times Tables: Row 6 to 9
Times tables made easy: learn rows 6 to 9 with a fun factor – guaranteed!
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12. Times Tables: Row 5 + big Numbers
An easy method how to multiply by 5.
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Mathematics Advanced

16. Mathematics – An Introduction
Learn how to start small and how to work yourself up;
numbers are your friends!
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17. Adding + Subtracting – Intro + Basics
Learn how to give reference points to numbers.
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18. Adding + Subtracting – Intro + Advanced
When calculating over 10 or 100, we’re introducing another technique on how to add and subtract.
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Mathematics – another level

34. Times Tables: Row 1, 10, 2, 9
Math problems will be easy after this class:
learn how to multiply by 5!
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35. The Easy 1-2-3 Rows 1 to 5
A hands-on class and repetition of rows 1 to 5.
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36. Multiplying by 6
Learn how to apply 2 easy rules and row 6 will become a no-brainer!
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55. Grammar – An Introduction
This class gives you valuable insight in the world of grammar.
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56. Lower Case + Capital Letters
The rules of capitalization in the English language explained.
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Additional Exercises

57. The ABC
This class teaches a fun way to learn the ABC.
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58. The History of the Planets
Learn the history of the planets – a creative approach.
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59. Calendar Months with the Tree List
Learn the calendar months by using the ‘tree list’.
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Learning to read

62. Learning to Read – An Introduction
This class gives you the tools to help your child learn to read
with no pressure.
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63. Let’s Read a Story Together
It’s Storytime! Sign up today! The monthly topic is posted on our social media.
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Dyslexia, Dyscalculia

64. Dyslexia – An Introduction
In this class we talk about dyslexia as a talent.
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65. Rhythmics + Moving helps with Dyslexia
Learn how rhythmics and moving can help with dyslexia.
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66. Dyslexia – b and d
Learn how to fix the confusion between b and d.
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