Choose from a variety of tutorails with these learning subjects:

Edu 4 Life – Basics

1. How to open Your First Bank Account
This class will save you money! You learn many tips and tricks around opening a bank account, how to fill out checks and much more!
In Person Online
2. How to play the Credit Card Game
Get insights on how to use the credit card system to your advantage while avoiding hidden pitfalls.
In Person Online
3. How to fill out a Rental Agreement
A step-by-step guide on how to fill out a rental agreement. Learn what landlords particularly look for in the ideal tenant.
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Edu 4 Life – Learn About

8. Different Professions
Once a month, this class introduces a new job: hear from the experts in the fields about the pros and cons.
In Person Online
9. What Professions ARE for You
Find out what jobs fit your skills and your likes to make a sound decision about your career choice.
In Person Online
10. Successfully Apply for a Job
Learn the ins and outs of the application process and what companies are looking for in an ideal candidate.
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Edu 4 Life – Advanced

15. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life
We introduce hands-on tips and tricks for taking full responsibility for your life.
In Person Online
16. Dealing With Stress, Worry, Anxiety
An introduction class on how to deal with challenging situations in your life: A must for everyone!
In Person Online
17. Speed Reading
Want to read a book in no time? Join us for this speed reading class!
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Edu 4 Life – All About Money

26. Money DNA Workshop
Discover your Money DNA and create big financial results with a lot less effort.
In Person Online
27. Ideal Life Blueprint Workshop
Discover how to tap into universal energies to create clarity and promote a growth mindset.
In Person Online
28. Help! I need a Credit Card Repair!
Learn today how to repair your credit by yourself while building a sound report for tomorrow.
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Community Platform

40. Community Platform
Once a month, Base361 offers a guided get-together, providing a platform for (single) moms and (single) dads, teaches, grandparents (and many other groups) to discuss a topic at hand. Stay tuned for updates!
In Person Online