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Introducing brain-friendly learning processes and techniques, we offer a collection of educational and entertaining classes, courses and workshops.
Train your brain with Base361.

Back to Basics


At Base361, we provide a unique combination of classes and workshops that have the characteristics of life in our communities always at the fore front.
Get back to basics – with Base361.

Education 4 Life

Life Skills

As life can presents itself as a jungle sometimes – full of options and decisions – it is our goal to create awareness and ability to form opinions with brain and heart. Base361 – it’s an education for life.

Meet Our Coaches

Liz Beyer

Daniel Mangena

Emma Cooper

Susan Fernandez

Wil Bowen

Rae Russell

Max beyer

Aryn Conrad

Sam Walker

This is even for me as a grandma! Wonderful! This is how you can inspire children! Thanks!

Viviane Maxwell

Respect! A must for all!

Connor Neill

This gives me hope; I truly hope that my youngest will get through school without fear! Please continue!

Emily Watson

Just wonderful! A whole new approach – I love it! And I think they deserve a price for this course!

Max Cohen

The most important art of teaching is the joy of recognizing, creating and arousing curiosity! Thank you for your work!

Eric McFadden

I am so thankful! The energy in the course inspired my child so much that he wants to study all day long…

Delia Dawson

Thank you very much for this class! Two days ago, I was still wondering how I should start with the whole topic and how it would also become more tangible for my kid…
The course came at the right time…

Jo Grant