Sam Walker

Born and raised in Alaska, Sam’s passion, and dedication to helping others succeed was at his forefront at an early age. He first found the motivation when his teammates on the ice hockey team told him that although he wasn’t a good player, he was the one that kept them all motivated, even when the coach gave up.
Pursuing his path, Sam volunteered at the local community center to provide tutoring and help guide peers and students on the path towards establishing their own life. Although he was only a high school student at the time, it became apparent that he had a natural knack for helping others to find their own drive.
As a life coach and now living in sunny California, Sam is focused on an individual’s personal growth and happiness. He is skilled at helping people get organized, paired with excellent critical thinking skills for helping his clients set forth tangible objectives. Sam enjoys seeing them succeed and providing constructive feedback to ensure that they never stop pursuing their dreams.