Liz Beyer

Having been exposed to different work environments, it became clear that Liz truly is a jack of all trades. Growing up in a family of medical professionals, she learnt about the medical field at a very young age. Still hesitant to pursue a career in the footsteps of her family, she double majored in a Registered Nurse program, while at the same time pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Film Cinematography with a minor in English.
While attending school, she was working as a Psych Tech at Fairview State Hospital in Southern California. However, Liz was more and more steered towards her passion of photography. It soon became clear that she was meant to strive for a more creative work environment.
Liz enjoys all aspects of photography, especially Real Estate Photography. While immersed in the Real Estate world as a photographer, she decided to obtain her Real Estate License to acquire more of an in-debt understanding in the field. To her surprise, she found herself enjoying being a Realtor, and she became more and more exceptional at it. Liz realized that being able to adapt to certain situations guaranteed not only one’s survival, but one’s happiness and ability to enjoy every bit of life.